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Setting up menu / editing menu buttons - Flying Dutchman - 12-23-2020

Drag & Drop Icons from the Desktop or Explorer
The easiest way to add items to EasyDesktop is to drag & drop them from your start menu, desktop or the File Explorer, to the menu button of your choice.



Accessing a Menu Button's Advanced Properties
Each EasyDesktop menu button has an advanced option and customization screen. To access that screen right-click on a button with your mouse and the menu button menu will appear. To change the button's color use the "Color" options. To move buttons down to make space for a new button use the "Insert option. To move buttons up use the "Delete" button option. Select  "Edit Button" from that menu and the "Edit Menu Button" will appear.


Add Commonly Used Documents to the Menu
EasyDesktop had the ability to directly launch document files. To add document files simply drag the files from the explorer to a menu button.


Moving Things Around
To move existing menu buttons around the menu, simply click and hold on a menu button, and move it where you want and let the mouse button up (drag & drop). If the destination is on another menu page, you can move the mouse to the left or right edge of the EasyDesktop window, to switch pages while dragging. To copy a menu button, hold down the "Shift" key while dragging and dropping.

TIP: If you are trying to drag a Windows file or icon to EasyDesktop, but you cannot see the EasyDesktop window, simply drag the icon over the EasyDesktop button in the taskbar and hold momentarily. This will cause EasyDesktop to come to the front, allowing you to place the icon onto it.