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How to Choose the Right Boat Cover for Your Boat - llkktth175 - 11-08-2022

How to Choose the Right Boat Cover for Your Boat

Make the perfect choice for your water bound vessel

Like sunscreen, the importance of choosing the right cover for your boat is not to be underestimated. Covers play a vital role, and it'll only be a matter of time before you regret not giving the choice of boat cover the careful consideration it deserves. Your boat may keep you safe as you travel across the seven seas but a quality Boat Cover will keep your boat in mint condition not only at sea, but also on a trailer, in storage or when moored. Just as important, a good performing cover will keep your boat in tip-top condition for when you decide to sell and up-grade! When it comes to fabrics and boat covers Ricky's has its fair share of experience. Read on to find out all you need to know before purchasing your next boat cover. It'll be an investment you won't regret.

Is a boat cover really that important?

Yes, it is. In fact, boat covers perform a number of important roles including:

Keeping creatures large and small out

Protecting your boat's instruments, interior and exterior from harmful UV rays

Shielding your boat from rain and snow, debris and dust

Deterring thieves and reducing the chance of theft

At Ricky Richards, we'd much rather your choice of boat cover go through the following gauntlet before settling. Making sure you take each of the following factors into account will ensure you get the adequate protection for as long as is feasibly possible, and all at a cost that matches the value you're receiving.

Here's what each our boat cover team will take into consideration when helping you:


It's a no-brainer but also still something we believe shouldn't be forgotten. What you pay for must match the quality you receive. The factors below will influence how much you will be required to pay.



Custom covers are usually available for the latest and best known boat brands. These covers have been manufactured specifically to fit a certain make and model of boat. Alternatively, custom covers can be purchased from canvas shops that carry that option.


As the name suggests, semi-custom Basscat Boat Covers don't cater as precisely to the dimensions of a boat by model, year and make; rather they cater to a generic class of boat such as a fishing boat, dinghy boat or bass boat.


Universal boat covers are not made with any specific boat in mind as they are mass produced but will fit your boat, perhaps just not as perfectly. What they lack in fit, they make up for in cost.


Boat covers are made using a variety of different fabrics, each offering its own unique set of advantages over the other. These fabrics include mixed blends, polyester, cotton and acrylic. The fabric chosen should complement the environment your boat will be in. For example, if your boat will be in a humid area then a cover made from breathable fabric like Docril will prevent mildew build up.

What is a Bimini Top?

We see many variations of searches for this key term, including boat top, bimi, and bikini top. No matter what name you use to get to our site, BoatCoversDirect.com, you are probably looking for a Bimini Top.

If you are reading this article, you are just beginning to wonder what a Bimini top is and why you need one. Perhaps you have seen a happy looking family on a pontoon NOT baking from the sun in the shade of their brightly colored fabric top. Maybe you just thought how nice it would be to relax in shade on the boat in the middle of a summer day when the sun is beating brutally down. You might even want to take children on the lake, and you need to make sure that you give their delicate skin as much protection as possible from UV rays. Whatever the reason, Boat Covers Direct? can help you locate the right top for your needs. This article is intended to cover the Bimini basics. More detailed information on Carver tops and Westland tops is available elsewhere on our site.

2, 3, and 4 bow tops

A T Top Bimini is a canvas top that generally covers the helmsman of a boat. It can have 2, 3, or 4 bows. 2 bow tops are usually seen on small fishing boats. "2 bow" means there are 2 bows running through the top of the canvas. The most popular configuration, a 3 bow top, is typically seen on runabouts, bass boats, and even performance boats. These tops can be low profile and sleek, like our super sport Bimini tops. We offer 3 bow tops that fit underneath a tower. If you have a tower, make sure you get a top that is specified to fit a boat with a tower. Otherwise, the top that you purchase may not fit, especially if your tower is narrower toward the top than the bottom. 4 bow tops are typically seen on pontoon boats or larger boats. These tops are available with either square or round tubing.

What Is a Slipcover?

Slipcovers are removable, fitted covers that are secured around pieces of furniture. They are an easy way to update old furniture and change the feel of your space, and they allow you to be worry-free when it comes to kids and pets. Furniture Covers can be used on sofas, loveseats, futons or daybeds, recliners, chairs or stools, and even ottomans. Before purchasing a furniture slipcover, there are three things that you should consider: material, design, and measurements.