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Commonly missed features
Print Screen
EasyDesktop will let you make real print screens. When you have something on the screen that you want to print, or save to a file, press the <PRT SCR> (print screen) key, and "Paint 3D" will appear, giving you the choice to print or save.

Special Keyboard Commands
Menu pages can be changed by using the <F1> to <F9> keys.  You can also use the <PAGE UP> and <PAGE DOWN> keys.

Inserting Special Characters
EasyDesktop comes with a utility that will let you instantly insert special characters such as the copyright symbol, into any Windows application. When you need to insert a character, simply click on the little blue font box, in your taskbar, and select the character that you want. The character will be automatically inserted where you were typing. For more information click here.

Font Samples
EasyDesktop has a utility that will let you sample all of your fonts on screen, as well as print out sample sheets. To access this utility click on the little blue font box in the taskbar and select the "Font Samples" choice.

Disk Space
When you use EasyDesktop's "Explore" feature (press the "Explore" button in the toolbar), the free disk space is displayed next to the drive.

Keyboard Launching
You can launch EasyDesktop menu buttons using the keyboard.  Press the numbers 1 thru 4, depending on the menu page column.  Letters will be displayed to the left of the button titles.  Then press the letter next to the menu item that you want and it will be launched.

Mouse Scroll Wheel Page Changing
You can use the scroll wheel located in the middle of your mouse to change menu pages when in EasyDesktop.

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