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The EasyDesktop toolbar
This toolbar button lets you control Windows shut down. By default when you press this button the "Power" menu is displayed, giving you various shut down options. You can also configure the "Power" button to immediately select one of the power options by going to the "Preferences" window.

This toolbar button will cause Windows to restart.

This toolbar button gives you access to the search features. 
  • Find Menu Button
    This will let you search the EasyDesktop menu for a specific text string.
  • Find Next
    This will continue your search for a menu button, moving on to the next search result if there is one.
  • Windows Search
    This menu item will launch the Windows search feature.
Exclamation Panel
This will give you instant access to your most commonly used Windows control panels and settings. There is also an option to access the properties for, and empty, the Recycle Bin.

Exclamation Explore
Press this button to explore any drive in your system.  This button also gives you access to common folders, such as "My Documents" and many others.

Exclamation Space
This toolbar button will display disk space information for all the drives connected to your system. The information includes free and total space. There is also a pie chart that shows the percentage of used and free space.

  • Administrator Lock / Kiosk Mode
    This option will turn on the administrator lock function.  With this option enabled all higher EasyDesktop functions are locked.
  • Set Administrator Password
    This option will allow you to set the password that is used with the administrator lock.
  • Set Background Image
    This menu item will let you select a background image that will appear behind the EasyDesktop menu buttons.
  • Toolbar Text Color
    This option lets you set the text color for the toolbar button descriptions on the main EasyDesktop toolbar.
  • Default Colors
    This option lets you specify the default colors to use when you create or delete a new menu item of menu page.
  • Menu Font
    This options allows you to customize the font used for the main menu. For more information click here.
  • Preferences
    This option brings up the main EasyDesktop preferences window. For more information click here.
  • Check for Update
    This option will check online for an update to EasyDesktop. If an update is available you will have the option to download and install it.
  • EasyDesktop Help
    This option will take you to the EasyDesktop online help forum.
  • Backup EasyDesktop
  • This option will backup your current EasyDesktop setup to a .zip file.
  • Restore EasyDesktop
    This option will restore a backed up EasyDesktop setup from a backup .zip file created by the backup command above.
  • About EasyDesktop
    This will display version information about EasyDesktop.
Exclamation Mail
This toolbar button will launch your email program.  If you use a web based email system you can specify that in the "Preferences" window.

Exclamation Web
This button will launch your default web browser. To override the function of this button use the "Web button override" option in the "Preferences" window.

Exclamation Page
Pages 1-18 / Use these menu choices to switch between the various EasyDesktop menu pages.
  • Page Name
    This menu item will let you edit the name of the current page.
  • Page Password
    This will let you set the password for the current menu page.
  • Background Color
    This will let you specify the background color of the current page.
  • Swap Page
    This will let you rearrange the page order by swapping specific pages.
  • Set Buttons to Default Colors
    This option will set the colors for all the menu buttons on the current page to the default colors specified in the "Setup" menu.
  • Default Background Color
    This option sets the background for the current page to the default color specified in the "Setup" menu.
  • Clear Page
    This option will clear the current menu page.

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