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Edit item window
The "Edit Item" window is where you configure a menu item. A menu item can launch a document file as well as a program. It can also open a specified folder, directory, email address or website.

Button Title
Enter the name of the item here, as you want it to appear on the EasyDesktop menu.

Launch Normal
With this option selected, the program will be launched in its default window size.

Launch Full Screen
If you want the program to run full screen, then select this option.

Launch Minimized
If you want the program to be launched minimized (as an icon), select this option.

Command Line / Email Link / Internet URL
This is where you enter the path and name of the actual program, document, or folder, or "browse" for them (much easier). You can also enter web site URLs and email links here. Be sure to include the "http://" part of the web site address and "mailto:" in front of the email address. You can also use the "Browse" button to select a program, folder or document from your hard drive.

Parameters / Document File / Startup Switches
If the file that you launching has startup parameters, enter them here.

Default / Working Folder
Here, you can specify what folder you will be in when you launch the menu item. This way, when you go to the "File Open" command of the program, you will already be where you want to be.

This is where you enter the description for the menu item. This description will appear at the bottom of the EasyDesktop window, each time you move your cursor over the item.

This gives you the ability to have the launching process pause and ask a question. For example, you can have the computer prompt you to insert the correct CD-ROM before launching. You can enter any message you like.

This lets you password protect the menu item. Just type the password in the space provided. Then each time you access the item you will have to enter the password.

Center Item Title
Check this box to center the menu item's title.

Run as Admin
Checking this option will launch the menu item with administrator rights. This option duplicates the process of right-clicking on an icon in the explorer and selected "Run as Administrator".

Launch at Windows Startup
If you check this option, the menu item will be loaded each time Windows starts.

NOTE: Please remember that you can "Drag & Drop" any Windows file or icon directly onto an EasyDesktop menu item, instantly creating a menu choice.

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